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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Minnesota Wild, Apr 11, 2013

I'm not going to mention the "S-word," but Brian Elliott has been playing very well recently.

I'm a little goony about talking about those "streaks that shall not be named," so if you want to read all about how one is on the line tonight, head over to Jeremy Rutherford's Blues updates in tonight's P-D. Still, that _____ has been pretty impressive, and it's a great combo of Elliott playing hockey the way he did last season - calm, cool, and collected -- and Jay Bouwmeester and Jordan Leopold coming in and making the defense play the same way.

Minnesota's had a heck of a time since the last time these teams met. The Blues? Not so much. Win or lose, the Blues are practically in the playoffs, but the big deal tonight is starting that fight for home-ice advantage. Can it be done? Never say never, guys -- this team hasn't.

This is your gameday thread. Enjoy it. Let's Go Blues.