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GameThread for Chicago Blackhawks at St. Louis Blues, Apr 14, 2013

Wake up, grab your brunch beer and your eggs -- it's morning hockey yet again thanks to NBC.

Jonathan Daniel

I don't often get thankful that I'm in the Eastern Time Zone, but today? Today I am very thankful. Why? Because today's game starts at 11:30 St. Louis time to accomodate NBC's broadcast schedule. That's early. That's on a "where in the hell do you go to pre-game?" level of early. IHOP doesn't sell beer, and nowhere near Scottrade Center sells scrambled eggs and bacon (to the best of my knowledge).

Luckily, those of us at home can make our own brunch (steak-n-eggs, of course) and settle in with a beer at whatever time we want to, state law be damned. The Blues can't settle in, though. Why not? Because they need to maintain their playoff position. It's comical how much things change after a six game winning streak ends. One loss, like Friday night's against the Blue Jackets, acts as a reminder that other teams are winning. Dallas is in the midst of a five game winning streak. Phoenix is finding a way. The Jackets won again last night. While it's statistical wisdom that it's the Detroit Red Wings who need to worry (especially now that the Stars are in 8th place and the Wings are in 9th), the standings are so tight that every team not in the top four needs to keep an eye out.

Of course, while that's going on, the Blues wind up having to play the Chicago Blackhawks. Beating the Hawks is always a tough job, because this year coach Joel Quenneville has them running on all gears. It doesn't matter much if Patrick Sharp's out today or not, because the rest of the team is still excellent.

This is your gameday thread. Let's hope Coach Hitchcock gets win 600 today, and for those of you at home, brace yourselves for NBC's crew explaining which team's in which color today, since the Blues are wearing road whites. Basically, the uniforms will be how they should be. HOME WHITES FOREVER.

Wake up people. Let's Go Blues.