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Blackhawks At Blues: Blues Shutout By Crawford And Hawks 2-0

The Blues couldn't buy a decent chance on net today, as they fall to the dominant Chicago Blackhawks 2-0.

Jonathan Daniel

This won't be a long recap, as I've nearly cut the tip of my thumb off making quacamole with under-ripe avocados (thanks, Kroger - your shit produce section strikes again), and I have work things to take care of today. Basically, if you only watched the first period of this game, you couldn't be faulted for thinking that the Blues might've won when you finally got around to checking the score. Big hits, rough stuff... Blues came ready to win! Yeah!

Never mind.

Brian Elliott played well, and generally speaking the defense was ok, but the Blues still managed to lose 2-0 because, oh my God, goals are a thing now? We're supposed to score? Our goalie isn't going to get a shutout every night? WOAH. The Blues haven't managed to score more than two goals since April 5th's 3-1 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets. That means that for the last five games there has been almost a complete reliance on defense and goaltending. That six game winning streak? I don't think it's remiss to say that they got damn lucky with that.

Thirty shots on net and not a single goal. Part of that is hitting a hot goalie, and part of that is your scorers not stepping up and actually doing their job.

But hey, at least the Blues showed some frustration with themselves at the end there, right? Because scrumming it up >>> actually scoring.

Whatever. The Blues' next game is Tuesday night against the Vancouver Canucks. Win it.