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Canucks At Blues Morning Open Thread: Please Manage To Win

The Blues' schedule is winding down, and they're in charge of their own destiny. Can they keep a three game losing streak from being part of it?

Dilip Vishwanat

The Blues have not been good at home this year. Part of that was, of course, due to their terrible losing streak in Febuary. Whatever the cause, this is not the same team who dominated play at home last season with a 30-6-5 record. In a season half as long, the Blues have lost two more home games. So far, they're 9-8-1 at home, and their last game was a shutout loss to the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday, 2-0.

Will the Blues get shut out again tonight? Hopefully not. They're going to have to do something fast, though, to ensure that they're going to the playoffs. That six game winning streak was helpful, but they're still only a point ahead of 8th place Detroit. They have seven games left to play, one more than any other playoff team. A win tonight and two points would boost their playoff chances tremendously.

It's amazing how fast fortunes change in a season half as long. One day you're riding high after a six game winning streak, the next you're freaking out about a three game losing streak. Yeesh.

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Thoughts and prayers go out to our friends at Stanley Cup Of Chowder, of course, and the good people of Boston -- as well as everyone impacted by the attack yesterday on the Boston Marathon. If you haven't donated to help yet, the Red Cross is taking donations.