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David Backes Mocks Zack Kassian's Hairline: "Are You Going Bald?"

Usually chirps are reserved for on-ice performances, or lack thereof. Unfortunately for Blues captain David Backes, he learned that the hard way on Sunday when he chirped Bryan Bickell. "Do you even play?" Why yes, he does, and he scored the Hawks' first goal. Oops.

Tonight Backes was all over the ice, basically willing the team to win and wanting the Canucks to lose. A scrum broke out in front of Vancouver goaltender Cory Schneider after some excellent saves, and Backes wound up in the penalty box along with Vancouver's Zack Kassian. They were jawing back and forth between the boxes, when Backes questioned Kassian's follicles -- keep your eyes peeled here around the two-minute mark:

"Are you fucking going bald?"

No clue where that even came from, but hey, go with the material given to you. Looks like Ken Hitchcock's 600th win was an eventful one for the Blues, huh?