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Coyotes At Blues Game Preview: Six Games To Go

The Blues are plugging away towards their second playoff appearance in two years. Let's re-start that consecutive appearances streak!

Dilip Vishwanat

The Blues' have five home games remaining on the schedule, but so far this season they've been road warriors. Of course, recently it doesn't matter if it's home or road, these guy can't score. So many shots, so few pucks going into the net... what a case of the yips.

Thank goodness that the Blues have converted these yips into some amazing defense. If you look at the calendar, the Blues have allowed more than three goals just once this month, and have only two losses out of nine games played. Of course, out of those nine games, they've scored more than two goals just twice, against the Wild and against the Blackhawks - and heck, one of those games the Blues won 4-3 thanks to a shootout, not to really scoring four goals.

As long as the defense keep playing smart and as long as the team keeps playing with a fire in their bellies, then tonight shouldn't be a problem. Don't let frustration get the best of you a la the Blackhawks game on Sunday, and the Blues should take out the Coyotes handily.

The Yotes have been kind of uneven this month. Either they're winning games decisively, or they're getting shut out like they did on Monday, 4-0, against the Sharks. Poor Jason LaBarbera hasn't been able to catch a break, making 37 saves during that game, in which his team seemed determined to hang him out to dry... at home. How they'll manage to help out their goalie tonight should be interesting -- if they manage to help the guy out at all.

Will the Blues actually score more than two goals tonight? Will their forwards manage to do something? At this point, with the way that the defense has been, I almost don't care. Just win.