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Stars At Blues Morning Open Thread: Goals? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Goals

The Blues seem content to skate by with scoring as few goals during regulation as possible. That might not be a good idea against the Stars.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Blues are looking more and more like a lock for the playoffs, but that's just from a points standard. As far as winning games in regulation by scoring more goals than the other team, that's a little iffy. The team realizes that there aren't shootouts in the playoffs, right? And that shitty reffing is going to happen, so they need to score as much as possible so it doesn't screw up their entire game?

I agree with Coach Hitchcock -- I saw him mouth the word "bullshit" to the reffing staff after the game. Still, though, the game's in the hands of the players. Score. Put the puck inside of the net, stop gripping the stick so tight (Chris Stewart? Looking at you - dude can't buy a goal), and stop transferring being pissed off that you can't score into putting yourself in a position to take a penalty, good call or bad.

Also, Tim Peel? From fans of both teams who played last night, and from fans of hockey everywhere, you are terrible. Quit. Find a different career choice.

Check back later for a game preview, some Lighting the Lamp. the GDT, and a recap -- unless the Blues put me to sleep. Then well, who the hell knows.