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Blues At Avalanche Morning Open Thread: Win And Clinch A Playoff Spot

It's nice that the Blues can have a game on a Sunday without having to wipe sleep out of their eyes first.

Doug Pensinger

The poor Colorado Avalanche. Their Vegas vacations are probably already booked, because for the third year in a row the Avalanche are sitting outside the playoffs looking in. They haven't made the postseason since 2010, their coach and probably GM should both be on the chopping block after this season, and the team has absolutely no direction at all.

They can't even play spoiler tonight. The Blues have a 99.98% chance of making the playoffs. The only thing that the Avs can do is make the Blues push that off to the next game, which is also against... the Avalanche. Whatever. The Blues are in, the Avs are playing for whatever pride they have left, and the last four games this season will just go towards working out if the Blues' have home advantage or not, and if they're playing the Canucks (yes, please) or the Kings (aw, hell no) in the first round.

Happy Sunday, everyone. Check back later on today for a game preview, some Road Music, the GDT, and -- this time I promise I won't fall asleep -- a game recap. Friendly reminder as well: this game's on NBCSN, not FSWM, or FSMW.