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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Colorado Avalanche, Apr 21, 2013

With just four games in the season remaining, the Blues can still reach home ice advantage.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The last four games of the season are pretty favorable: two against the Colorado Avalanche, one against the Calgary Flames, and one against the Chicago Blackhawks to wrap it all up. Three of those four games are easily winnable, and six more points'd go a long way to helping the Blues squeak into fourth place and home ice advantage. The fourth game is winnable, but let's not fool ourselves - the Blackhawks have not been the easiest team for the Blues to beat, so they need to win the other three for those six bonus points.

A win tonight means the Blues have clinched the playoff for back to back times for the first time in nearly a decade. Remember when they had a 25 year stretch of straight playoff appearances, which is the third most in NHL history? Sure would be swell if they could pull that off again.

This is your gameday thread. Say hi to Erik Johnson, though I'm sure he's in primo golf mode right now. Let's get that playoff spot. Let's go Blues.