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NHL 14 Cover Voting Begins Today: Choose Between Perron And Pietrangelo

The annual NHL 14 cover vote extravaganza begins, with each team being two representatives that face off.

Dilip Vishwanat

NHL 14 is coming out in September, so it means that it's time for fans to choose who will get their mug on the North American version of the game. Last year Claude Giroux got it, which lead to a terrible season for the Flyers. The year before that Steven Stamkos was selected, which lead to a terrible year for the Tampa Bay Lightning...

Obviously the curse doesn't apply to the Chicago Blackhawks, who were fine after Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews were on the cover in back to back years, but whatever.

This year, the Blues' representatives are David Perron and Alex Pietrangelo. Perron, as you might remember, has been excellent in racking up the offensive zone penalty minutes while it's taken Pietrangelo all year and Jay Bouwmeester to calm down.

Let's face it - as good as Chris Stewart's been this year, it's weird that he's not the option instead of Perron.

Voting is open at the NHL's official site - choose your selections from each team. PROJECT MAYHEM ALERT: Vote for Brandon Yip. There's no reason behind this, like animosity towards Mike Fisher or the Preds. It's just hysterical that he's the other choice for that team. Yip? I know for a fact that better players exist on the Preds.