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GameThread for Colorado Avalanche at St. Louis Blues, Apr 23, 2013

The Blues are trying again to clinch their second playoff appearance in a row. Were they just stalling Sunday night in Colorado so they could do it at home?

Dilip Vishwanat

Ok, so we're trying this clinching thing again tonight, huh? Geeze Louise, this shouldn't be that hard, but this is the Blues and you really can never underestimate their amazing abilities to underwhelm and underplay. They're weird, they're streaky, the forwards could stand to play a hell of a lot better and smarter. I don't know what to think, but I do know what to hope for: no turnovers, no frustration penalties, and a win.

It shouldn't be complicated, but it is. The Blues always have to work for what they want, but it's no secret that they make a lot of the work for themselves. This can't fly in the playoffs, where a series is best of seven and frankly, other teams are quicker to not forgive mistakes.

Brian Elliott will get a chance to redeem himself against the Avalanche tonight, though that's a pretty disingenuous statement-- the whole team needs to redeem themselves. Semyon Varlamov is starting tonight for the Avs. He's played well against the Blues, but in his last start he allowed four goals on 24 shots against the Edmonton Oilers.

This is your Game Day Thread. Let's clinch -- read that as you will.

Let's Go Blues.