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GameThread for Calgary Flames at St. Louis Blues, Apr 25, 2013

The Blues need to win out the season to start the post-season on home ice. Their first challenge? Making Mikka Kipprusoff's last game in St. Louis a tough one.

Dilip Vishwanat

Underestimate the Calgary Flames at your own peril. Yes, they're out of the playoffs again. Yes, they've traded away their best players -- the Blues wound up with Jay Bouwmeester, who will be playing in the playoffs for the first time. But they've been playing really really well as of late to close out, with young kids who have a ton of motivation to show what they're made of.

The Blues have motivation too: home ice. Home ice could come with a matchup against the LA Kings in the first round, but the Blues have gotten hot while the Kings look kind of pooped. Things might wind up working out ok in the end.

Enjoy this game, though. It's still pretty no pressure, and there's nothing more enjoyable than watching a hockey game for the sake of watching a hockey game. Not having a heart attack after every missed shot is a positive thing. Grab a brew, lean back, and waive goodbye to Kipper.

This is your game day thread. Let's take a step towards home ice. Let's win. Let's go Blues.