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Bovada Odds Give Blues Middling Chance To Win Cup, EA Sports Has Them Out In Round One

The Blues are hovering right around the middle of the pack going into the playoffs according to Bovada. Will they prove the oddsmakers wrong and win it all?

Dilip Vishwanat

If you were to go to a casino right now and plunk down cash on the Blues winning the Stanley Cup, you could win a nice little sum of cash. According to Bovada, they have 14/1 odds of winning the Cup, up a little bit from the 16/1 odds at the start of the season. Their odds to win the West are 7/1, slightly better than their first round opponents' chances (the Kings are at 15/2).

Who do Bovada think the Blues' Stanley Cup Finals opponent will be? Well, they're at 18/1 odds that they'll play against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Their next most likely opponent are the Montreal Canadiens at 50/1 odds, so everyone get that Sidney Crosby hate goin'.

EA Sports is not as kind to the Blues, predicting them losing four games to three against the Kings in the first round. They predict the New York Rangers (!) will get on a hot streak and take out the favored Western Conference champion Chicago Blackhawks in six games.

Speaking of NHL 14, the next round of voting for the cover is ready to go. The Blues' representative is Alex Pietrangelo, so get out there and vote. Sadly Mike Fisher beat out Brandon Yip, so so much for that Project Mayhem.