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Want To Subscribe To Playoff Game Time Editions?

You, yes even you, can now subscribe via email to postseason editions of St. Louis Game Time paper.


We mentioned the other day that we've got the paper, an almost completely different edition than what's on the website. Really, there is hardly any overlap. And we do that on purpose, to make the paper unique and a value for our readers.

We offer a subscription to the paper during the regular season that has the playoffs built in. Now that we're past the playoffs, we are offering for the first time ever subscriptions for just the playoffs. Here's how it works. The paper is $4 an issue at the games. For the entire first round, no matter how many games they play, it's $10 for the series. They play three home games, you save $2. They play four home games, you save $6. And there are other advantages.

We send the paper in pdf format via email as soon as it's done. Tuesday night's edition will be finished sometime after midnight tonight. You'll have access to the paper for well more than 12 hours before game time. Slow day at work? Read a few pages of the paper. Have a slow meeting, print it out, slide it in a folder. It'll look like you're looking at the quarterly results/grading papers/reviewing performance charts. Just be careful not to laugh out loud.

How do you do it? Glad you asked. Send two emails. One to me at gtbradlee at gmail to let me know that you're jumping on board and I can make sure you get your paper in a timely fashion. And then paypal the $10 to gametimehlee at gamail. That's my wife. Yes, I put her in charge of the money. I'm a writer, not a banker. Be nice to her. Me, you can tell off anytime.

And you're done! It's just that simple.

Questions? Email me. Want to get the paper? Email me.

We're hard at work on the paper right now. Make sure you don't miss out.

Thanks for reading.