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NHL Trade Deadline: Will The Blues Make Any More Moves?

The Blues have filled their needs at defense. What else is there?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Ahh, the trade deadline. Hockey Christmas, as some call it, when people gather round the ol' TSN Trade Centre and see what their team does. Will they be a buyer? A seller? Somewhere in-between? Who knows. What people DO know is that big moves always happen today.

Or in the days beforehand.

Let's face it -- this year's trade deadline might be dullsville. Jaromir Jagr, Derek Roy, the Calgary Flames' two best players... the big moves have, for the most part, already happened. The Blues have been especially active, acquiring Jordan Leopold and Jay Bouwmeester already for some picks and prospects that may or may not be missed.

The left-hand side of the defense is looking good, and is also overcrowded. Anyone moving? Kris Russell and Wade Redden look like candidates, but for what? Picks to package with a player? Just picks?

What do you guys want to see happen today? We'll be keeping you posted just in case anything goes down. I'm doubtful that Doug Armstrong has anything else up his sleeve, but he's always shown himself capable of surprise. Perhaps a forward to add some scoring oomph is on the way? Who knows, but stay tuned.