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NHL Playoffs: Kings At Blues, Game One Morning Open Thread

The Blues and Kings are probably the two most evenly matched up teams in the playoffs, which is why no one is sure who's going to win.

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Dilip Vishwanat

No one knows who's winning this series. Bleacher Report (whatevs) has the Kings winning in five. USA Today's Kevin Allen is taking the Kings in seven. Justin Bourne of has the Kings in seven as well. Pierre LeBrun of believes that the Blues will win in seven instead. So does SI's Allan Muir.

Why the debate? First off, because while the Blues are a strong team who had an incredible month, they haven't beaten the Kings in about two years. Secondly, thanks to, here's the statistical breakdown:


Oh, for shit's sake. You might as well start up a game of NHL 13, select the Blues versus the Blues, and see what team gets the lucky breaks. That's what's going to happen in this series as long as both teams keep the work level up to snuff. One of the two teams will win thanks to weird bounces, goaltender health, and injuries.

This one's probably going to be too close to call, but I'll call it: Blues in six. Gutsy, I know, since I'm never right. Ever.

What do you guys think will happen? Predict in the comments!