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Blues Sign Chris Porter To Two Year Extension

The Blues' prototypical hard working bottom-six guy has just gotten a nice reward for being the Blues' prototypical hard working bottom six guy.

Ezra Shaw

With the trade deadline over, here come the contract extensions. The first for the Blues? Usual AHL player Chris Porter! But what's this here in the terms of his contract?

The Blues and forward Chris Porter have agreed to terms on a new two-year, one-way contract.

Porter has played in 15 games for the Blues this season, recording one goal and one assist. He has a plus-3 rating.

Porter originally signed with the Blues as a free agent on Aug. 21, 2007.

One way? Good for him. Has Porter arrived at some playing epiphany that has made him into an invaluable top-liner? No. Has he worked his tail off in a bottom-six role since being called up this year? Yes. Hard working and smart selfless hockey is what the Blues look for, and maybe they're looking to Porter to be one of those "lead by example" fellas you hear so much about.

Salary has not leaked out yet, but it can't be that much. Is this a smart signing by the Blues? Sure. You want guys like Porter around, and he's always proven himself to be a good worker bee. Not everyone's top six talent.