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GameThread for Columbus Blue Jackets at St. Louis Blues, Apr 5, 2013

Tonight's win might not come as easily as the Blues' other victories over the Columbus Blue Jackets have.


Traditionally, the Blues have basically owned the Columbus Blue Jackets. Their rival, who will be departing at the end of this season for the Western Conference, have won just three times in their last 16 games at the Scottrade Center. The Blues have a 12-2-1 record against them at home, with the top lines practically feasting on their opponents. Alexander Steen has points in his last seven games against the Jackets, and David Perron has 11 points in his last 10 games against them.

That's well and good, but as we saw last night -- and have seen several times this season -- the top lines can't necessarily be counted upon for timely goals. Last night it was the fourth line made up of Adam Cracknell, Chris Porter, and Ryan Reaves who accounted for most of the Blues' offense. The top six didn't put a shot on goal until Andy McDonald did in the second period.

Honestly, the top lines have been standing around more often than not, looking helpless and slightly more apathetic than usual. That's not how you win a game, let alone get into the playoffs. It's time to shake up the lines, see what lights a spark. Might I suggest our old friends McDonald, Steen, and Vladimir Tarasenko? That was fun. Let's do it again.

Let's make it 13-2-1 tonight. Let's go Blues.