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Three Questions With Winging It In Motown's J.J. From Kansas

Please head over to WIIM later on to read Brad's answers to J.J.'s questions. Barret Jackman fans will enjoy it. And, as always, friendly reminder -- different site, different rules.

1. Would you consider your fanbase to be satisfied with how the Wings have played this year? Expectations seem to have been tempered -- is that just me or is that pretty much how it is?

It may just be our corner of the internet, but the fans are most certainly not satisfied with the team. Preseason expectations were that injuries could turn the Wings into a bubble team and that's basically what's happened, but the way the Wings have lost games has chapped a lot of asses. Retrospect makes getting owned by the Jackets this season look a little better, but they've shit the bed against Calgary twice and have lost two games to third-string goalies so far. Also, blowing 2-0 leads will make anybody grouchy.

2. Are you ok with the team holding pat at the trade deadline? It seems like the Wings and Hawks were the only two Central teams to not add any pieces; would you prefer this over a trade for trade's sake?

I'm ok with the Wings not buying additional assets at the prices for which they were going, but I'm disappointed that they didn't take an opportunity to get some value for some additional pieces which I feel they could have dumped for value without hurting the team in the short run (like the Sharks did). Ian White doesn't have a future in Detroit and should have been able to fetch a pick. Now he's one of 9 D-Men on the roster.

3. If you had your choice of team to play in the playoffs, who would you choose, and why?

I think the Wings still match up well against the Wild and they've done hilarious things at getting the Ducks to lose their composure. They've done well in a few games against Vancouver as well. Ultimately, I'd like to see the Ducks. If the Wings are going to lose in the first round, then the thought of it being to Anaheim is less-disgusting than the idea of losing to the Wild and the series would at least be one last fun romp against one of the team's biggest rivals in the Western Conference they're about to leave.