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Blues At Red Wings Recap: Blues Win 1-0 Behind Brian Elliott

Brian Elliott stood tall and the Blues' improved defense helped get the puck out in dangerous situations today as the Blues take the season series from Detroit three games to two.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This was, from beginning to end, a tight game. Literally no room for mistakes, which is good, because both teams had their share -- and amazingly didn't capitalize on them. This is what happens when two teams want the win -- no, when they need the win.

It's really struck me how similar the Red Wings and Blues have been this year as far as play on the ice is concerned, and as far as the standings are concerned as well. The Blues began the game in 8th place, and the Wings finished it in 8th place. All because of one goal, one hard working goal by recent re-upper Chris Porter:

I said this Friday night, and I'll say it again: work hard and you get what you want. Go to the net, don't quit, and the opportunities will come your way. That was a heck of a goal from Porter in that he was doing the right thing in the right space. I guess that's why he was out there with Chris Stewart and Patrick Berglund.

Brian Elliott returned to form today in just the nick of time. Detroit busted their collective asses, and early-season (read, two months ago) Elliott would have let in some of these shots, especially this save on Gustav Nyquist:

Raise your hand if your heart wasn't in your throat when you saw that unfold. Elliott wasn't done, however:

So, for the last 11 games of the season, that version of Elliott will be the one that we see, right? Right. Good.

Anywho, the Blues are sitting pretty in sixth place (for now) thanks to their hard work, especially from their two newest defensemen. Both Jay Bouwmeester and Jordan Leopold have helped with the blue line's hesitancy to clear the puck in tough situations. Old people: they calm it down.

The Blues and their four game winning streak are righting the ship; taking destiny into your own hands is fun, no? They're up to a 95% chance that they make the playoffs, so maybe the doom and gloom is over.

Next game is Tuesday evening against the Nashville Predators who haven't been having the best season this year. Can the Blues make it five in a row? Can't see why not.