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Blues At Predators Game Day Preview

The Preds have hit spoiler level this season, probably missing the playoffs for the first time in four years. Will the Blues wind up winning the season series, or with the Preds be happy with a split?

Frederick Breedon

This is weird territory for Barry Trotz and his Nashville Predators. Trotz, who is known as someone who could get blood out of a turnip, hasn't been able to get much from this team. Ryan Suter's gone, and despite the fact that Shea Weber's looked really good this year -- as has his new young 'un pairing partner, Roman Josi -- they haven't been the usual brick wall of seasons past. It's weird to type this, but as of this writing, they are the last place Nashville Predators. Obviously, that's in the Central Division, but they're in 13th place in the Western Conference. That's territory usually reserved for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The Blues, however, can solidify their hold on a playoff spot with a win tonight. They've won four games in a row, and are four points above 9th place Phoenix with a couple games in hand. Actually, the Blues have played the fewest number of games in the Conference at 37, which is often overlooked when fans are checking the standings.

The Blues have been absurd on the penalty kill, with a perfect 16 for 16 going their last six games. That's great, because the power play has somehow been neutered between the start of the season and now. Maybe Jay Bouwmeester and Jordan Leopold can give that a shot in the arm like they have with the defense. Since adding the two, the Blues' defense has a +4 rating, and you can tell just by watching that they're playing with a lot more confidence -- which I'm sure has helped starter du jour Brian Elliott's confidence by proxy. Ells is getting the start again tonight, and if he turns in a performance like he did on Sunday, the Blues have every chance to get that win.