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Playoff Road Music: 05/10 at LA Kings

Blues Must Win

Dilip Vishwanat

During regular-season games, players and coaches are loathe to use the phrase "must-win" game. Tonight, however, I think that is the ONLY thing that can describe the game. Must. Win.

With few exceptions, almost everyone in the larger hockey world has been talking about how wonderful this series has been, especially the hitting and tight defensive play. It has certainly been an entertaining one. So much so, it'd be a shame to end it at 6 - let's go for 7 eh? Or, as radio voice Chris Kerber put it:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Well, we're here in LA. Might as well win a hockey game while we're at it.</p>&mdash; Chris Kerber (@chriskerber) <a href="">May 10, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Sounds like a swell idea. One hindrance is Jeff Carter - held off the score sheet for the first 3 games, he now has 3 goals in the last two. The last thing we need is him heating up again. For the entire series, the Kings have only scored one more goal than the Blues have, so St Louis is certainly capable of shutting the Kings down. St Louis hasn't hosted a Game 7 in quite a while - no time like the present to change that. Having been present for the other games, I can tell you that place is rocking. DrinkScotch exploded when Alex Pietrangelo scored to tie it up Wednesday night. I can only imagine what it could be like for Game 7. Rocking, and Rolling, On the River.

From the Gimme Shelter soundtrack, East St Louis's Ike & Tina Turner Revue:

Proud Mary / Ike & Tina Turner

"We Never, Ever, Do Nothin' Nice and Easy ... We Always Do It Nice, and Rough ..."

Sounds like Tina could have been talking about the St Louis Blues.

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Final Verse: With the Blues in LA, it's another late one. Thank the Hockey Gods that it's at least a weekend night. The puck is scheduled to drop at 9:00 PM St Louis time. The GDT should drop shortly ahead of that. The TV broadcast will be on Fox Sports MidWest locally ... although it'll be on other channels in other areas. See this notice for all of the details. The radio call will be on KYKY (Y98) 98.1 FM.

Until Then, get ready for another liver-killing, pulse-raising, heart-stopping Blues/Kings matchup. If you need some help, here's Part 2 of the previous video. Hollywood does love their sequels, after all ...

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