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2013 NHL Playoffs: Blues At Kings Game Six Morning Open Thread

You all probably already know what this is going to say.

Dilip Vishwanat

What more can I type after a Blues loss? Score more? Stop missing good chances? The top nine needs to wake up? Is Andy McDonald even a part of this team anymore? Will David Perron run Jonathan Quick again tonight, operating under the mistaken belief that it "gets into his head?"

Who knows. All that we all know is that the Blues blew two chances in LA to put the series out of reach, lost in overtime on Wednesday night, and now face elimination in a city where they haven't win a game in two years.

This is your morning open thread. Predict, rant, try to be optimistic. I very much would like to be, but I'm stuck in Starbucks surrounded by college kids while I get my radiator replaced. Happy Friday, everyone.