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GameThread for St. Louis Blues at Los Angeles Kings, May 10, 2013

Tonight is the ultimate in do or die hockey, at least until game seven. There's going to be a game seven, right guys?

I never thought I'd say this, or be interested in something like this, but I hope that this woman can keep growing her playoff, uh, beard after tonight.

More power to you, sister.

Anywho, every game has been decided by one goal. Every game has seen outstanding goaltending on both ends of the ice, and generally good defense - except for game four on the Blues' side. Yeesh.

But still, this has been a super close series. Wouldn't it be a terrible shame to end it before a game seven? It just doesn't seem right. I hope the Blues got the memo that we'd all like to see at least one more game back in St. Louis, and one more issue of Game Time to thumb through.

Win or lose, this has been a hell of a series, but it'd be a hell of a lot better one if we could get it back to Scottrade.

This is your gameday thread. Hopefully it doesn't turn into a support group.

Let's do this. Let's win. Let's go Blues.