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NHL Playoffs: Round One Game Two, Kings At Blues Morning Open Thread

The Kings won't be as sluggish as they were on Tuesday night; will the Blues be able to keep the momentum on their side?

Oh my God, you DO look like Marty Feldman!
Oh my God, you DO look like Marty Feldman!
Dilip Vishwanat

The Los Angeles Kings surely realize that the playoffs have gotten underway by now. There were some questions during the first and second periods of game one about if they came to play or not - and the only thing that got them to was Justin Williams' obligatory goal in the last 40 seconds of the game to force OT.

The Blues HAVE to stop doing that. All it does is it encourages my pessimism.

Anywho, the Blues pulled a miracle out of their rear ends with help from Jonathan Quick, but that isn't going to happen tonight. Quick will be sharper, the Kings will be awake, and the Blues' endurance is going to be tested in tonight's late game. With a start at 8:30 Central Time, let's all pray to God that no overtime's necessary tonight.

This is your morning open thread. Make your predictions, post that .gif of Quick's screw-up, do whatever it takes to get you into the game day mood. Check back later for a Lighting the Lamp, the game preview, a GDT, and of course the recap. What time the re-cap gets posted depends on whether or not I fall asleep during the game. Pre-game nap time!

Let's go Blues!