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2013 NHL Season Player Stats "Mash Up"

At the end of every regular season, I put together a stats "mash up" from the player stats on the NHL website. Something fun to play around with and a great way to kill time at work while you are waiting to get home and watch playoff hockey.

Dilip Vishwanat

For the past few seasons I have been putting together a stats "mash up" using the player stats provided at Nothing fancy. Just a simple scatterplot that lets you choose the stat for the x and y axis. You can highlight a team by hovering over their logo in the legend, or click on a logo in order to filter for just that team. If you hold the ctrl button while clicking a logo, you can choose more than one team to look at. You can also get rid of some of the outliers who have only played a few games this season by filtering by number of games played.

And yes, since this data is from the NHL stats page, it includes the plus/minus.

If you find something interesting that you want to share with others, use the "share" link at the bottom and copy and paste the "email" link into the comments thread, an email, or wherever. That link will take the person to the same view of the chart that you created through filters. You can also show one or more players by clicking on a single player (and holding down ctrl to select more than one player) and when you hover over one of the players selected click on "keep only" in the box that appears when you hover. If you have successfully clicked on one or more players, then only those players will show. You can reset the view by clicking on the circle-arrow at the very bottom of the visualization.

Next week...a playoff "dashboard" for the St. Louis Blues.