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Dustin Brown Throws Knee-on-Knee Hit Against Jaden Schwartz

The Blues and Kings both have extremely polarizing American captains. The Kings' captain, Dustin Brown, had a chance to show off just why he's one of the most disliked players outside of the metro-LA area.

During the first period of tonight's game, Brown threw this hit on Jaden Schwartz. It's more than obvious that Brown purposefully jutted out his knee on the impact. He also jutted out something else (hint: it's his elbow).



You can't say that wasn't totally on purpose. Mike Keenan even went as far as to call Dustin Brown a dirty player during the intermission report. God help me, I agree with Mike Keenan.

The Blues got a two minute power play out of this, but nothing came of it. Will the Department of Player Safety take a look at this? Nah. Should they? Probably.