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What Was Your Favorite Blues Moment Of 2013?

Sure, losing in the first round of the playoffs sucks, but the Blues did give fans plenty to be excited about this year.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

I think that enough time's passed since the Blues got the boot to look back at the positives of the regular season. Sure, there were stretches of meh that were more than unexplainable, but the Blues really had some moments that showed that they're on the right path, hiccups and all.

This is more of an all-call for you guys - what was your favorite Blues moment of the shortened season? There are quite a few to choose from: the 6-0 opening shutout of the Red Wings was fun, albeit a little bit of a source of inflated optimism. The sensational start of rookie Vladimir Tarasenko before he was felled by a concussion was something that got people whispering good things about the Russian. Look at Chris Stewart, playing like it's a contract year! Sure, the playoffs weren't the best time for him, but his 18 goals during the regular season was a pleasant reminder of the player that the Blues acquired a few seasons ago.

Of course, you have to look at the acquisitions of Jordan Leopold and Jay Bouwmeester, and the excellent defensive play that followed. The CPR line was a fantastic story, especially in the playoffs, as was the NHL-readiness test that Jake Allen passed with flying colors.

Personally, my favorite story was the redemption of Brian Elliott. His Feburary had folks on Twitter making "regression past the mean" jokes, but the way that he battled back and blew everyone out of the water in April was a sight to be seen. I don't think that I've ever seen someone's GAA drop that much in the course of a month.

So, what say you, loyal readers? What was your favorite moment of this season?