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Are The Blues Getting New Jerseys And Ditching The Alternate Logo?

The Dallas Stars and Carolina Hurricanes will be sporting new duds next season; are the Blues going in the same direction?


Sometimes a little bit of a refresh is needed, isn't it? Your old clothes aren't fashionable anymore, so you go shopping for some sleaker styles. Don't be surprised if you wind up bumping into the Blues while you wait in like at a fitting room. In Jeremy Rutherford's most recent Blues chat, someone asked about the Blues' uniforms and if they will be getting a bit of a revamp like the Dallas Stars' uniforms and Carolina Hurricanes'. Here's what Rutherford had to say:

I heard some teams will be having new uniforms next year (Dallas and Carolina), any plans for the Blues to do an update?

I'm hearing whispers that there may be changes in store for the Blues' uniforms. Don't have any details whatsoever. But don't be surprised if we hear something.

Heard Stillman is discussing probably scrapping 3rd logo. Any truth?

Haven't heard that specifically but could be true. Third logo has Dave Checketts imprints all over it. I know folks who would consider that a crime scene.

It'd be a shame to lose the thirds in my opinion more thanks to the color scheme than to the logo specifically, though I do like the logo. I prefer the thirds' lack of terrible Reebok Edge piping as well - it's less busy, and it gets straight to the point.

I'll go out on a limb and assume that if the Blues get a re-do it won't be anything hugely different -- it'll probably be cleaning things up and ditching the piping. None of this whole "let's randomly add red!" stuff of revamps past.