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Adam Cracknell Re-Signed To One Year, One Way Deal

A key component of the Blues' CPR line will be hanging around next season.

Dave Sandford

It's taken Adam Cracknell a while to prove that he has what it takes to stay at the NHL level, but the Blues have finally decided that he's a better asset with the NHL club than fighting for time in Chicago. The Blues, as per Jeremy Rutherford, have re-signed Cracknell to a one year, one way contract worth $600,000.

Cracknell is the king of the one-year contract deal, never signing anything over that length of time. This is, though, his first career one way deal, and it's a nice payraise for someone who has been pretty consistent in his hard work. Cracknell played well this season with the Rivermen, scoring 17 goals and adding 15 assists in 50 games, but his best work came with the Blues. As part of the CPR line with Chris Porter and Ryan Reaves, the Blues' fourth line created chances through effort as much as they frustrated the opposition teams.