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Playoff Road Music: 05/06 at LA Kings Game 4

The Blues Get Another Crack At The Critical Road Win

How rude, for Perron to jump in front of Doughty's stick like that.
How rude, for Perron to jump in front of Doughty's stick like that.
Harry How

Alas, the Kings avoided a sweep by winning game 3, and thus extending their home winning streak. The Blues will take another swing at it tonight. Conventional wisdom says that you haven't taken control of a series until you win one on the road. Will tonight be when that happens? Both teams had a chance to win each game so far - it could very easily be a 3-0 series in either side's favor. I don't expect this one to be much different.

In game 3, Kings coach Darryl Sutter shook up his lineup, making a few roster changes and skating with 7 defensemen. It could turn out that coach Hitchcock could make some changes of his own: most notably, by inserting Vladimir Tarasenko back into the lineup. Of course, that begs the obvious question: who to sit? Is the fourth line really that untouchable? As praised as they have been, by fans, media, and coaches alike, I thought it was pretty telling that the "CPR Line" didn't play a single shift together in the third period of game 3. In fact, their last shift together was around the 36th or 37th minute of the game, just past the halfway point. Ryan Reaves sat out the rest of the game. Adam Cracknell and Chris Porter each had just one shift afterwards, and it was at different times with different linemates. Does that suggest that they'll be split up?

What about the old "Kid Line" of T.J. Oshie, David Perron, and Patrik Berglund? It seems that they've been playing well together lately, but Perron has always seemed to be just one bad shift away from the Hitchcock doghouse (not to mention that of the fans). Aside from this stickhandling, he seems to have a particular talent for getting under the opponent's skin, and it'd be a shame to lose that. The Osh might be due for a break; after all, he's just getting back after missing several games with an injury that called for surgery. Despite averaging about 18 minutes a game, he's only managed 2 shots on goal this series. Surely, Vova can do that good or better.

Maybe there's an injury that makes that decision for Coach Hitch. I've heard suggestions that Jaden Schwartz sit a game. I don't see that, though: if you want to increase the offense, you don't sit the guy who has the second-most shots on goal (10, to David Backes' 12). Heck, he just might decide to keep everybody and send Tarasenko back to the pressbox. I don't know the answer to this; nobody does. It should be a fun game, however it works out.

In keeping with that sense of indecision, and the theme of St Louis Acts in Movie Soundtracks, here's the Pulp Fiction song featuring St Louis' own Chuck Berry.

You Never Can Tell / Chuck Berry

Tonight's game, being in LA still, is once again starting at 9PM St Louis time. This must really hurt for our European friends. I hope the boys make it worth your while. The GDT will drop shortly ahead of the puck. The radio call is, of course, still at KMOX 1120 AM. The TV broadcast will be on Fox Sports Midwest locally, and the NBC Sports Network on the national level.

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