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2013 NHL Playoffs, Blues At Kings Game Four Morning Open Thread

Tonight went into a must-win situation pretty quickly for the Blues. Scoring would go a long ways to helping that happen.

Harry How

The Blues can't hit the broad side of a barn in this series. Neither team has really been able to solve the other's goaltender, but the Blues have been guilty of missing wide open nets far more often than their counterparts. I counted four gaping net situations in the game Saturday night that the Blues missed. Four.

The Blues could be playing for the sweep tonight, but instead they're playing to make sure that LA doesn't even the series up. Of course.

I'm not the most naturally optimistic person ever, but the way that the Blues have played the first three games - to prevent scoring, not to actually score - isn't going to make this an easy series. We have players who can score - I know, for I have have seen it happen. So where the hell are they?

I think it might be time to Free Tarasenko for game four, just to see if that motivates people to get their butts in gear. The Blues are 10-0 in their history when they started off a series leading 2-0, but that lead's been cut to 2-1 now. Score. Make sure you come home to St. Louis with a chance to close this series out.

Check back a little later on for some Road Music, a game preview, GDT, and recap, which may or may not be sleepwritten. Between the late starts and the goaltender duels, it was hard for me to keep my eyes open on Saturday night.