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Hockey Superstitions Get More Serious During The Playoffs: What're Yours?

Sports fans are a superstitious lot, and hockey fans are probably the most superstitious of them all. Do you, loyal readership, have any that you would like to share?

Dilip Vishwanat

I, generally, am not a superstitious person. Pessimistic? Yes. Cynical? Yes. Convinced that the universe is waiting to implode on any hockey team I have affection for? Of course. I'm a Blues fan. It's been happening since 1967; honestly, I just have the Cardinals and the fact that they can win to keep me from sinking into a sports cynicism so deep you'll need a rope to pull me out of it.

Some people might call me a "buzz-kill," while I call myself "realistic." Even I, though, have quirks. Superstitions are perfectly normal - it's just your brain drawing a connection between an outcome and something you did totally unrelated to that outcome. It's a comfort thing, because no one likes to not have control over a situation. We don't have control over the outcome of tonight's game, but we sure would like to.

Personally, I have a coffee mug that I tend to drink out of the morning of every weekend game. It's an old mug from the opening season of the Kiel. Does this mug have mystical, magical powers? No. Do I like to drink from it anyway? Heck yes. I also have an old white Chris Pronger clown jersey that I wear when I can.

Also, I watch third periods through my fingers. Don't judge.

Anywho, what are your game-day traditions? I know from the game day threads that some of you have lucky jerseys, or socks, or you grab dinner at a certain place on game day. Please share - we're all just as weird as you are, so no one'll make fun of you. Heck, it'll probably just make all of us feel better.