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2013 NHL Playoffs: Kings At Blues Game Five Morning Open Thread

Instead of a chance to close it out tonight, the Blues need to win two of the next three games to advance to round two. It seems easier said than done.

Dilip Vishwanat

Hey, remember when this series was a best of seven? I know, I know, it still is. I guess what I mean is remember when this series was a best of seven that we were all confident about? Now it's a best of three that, admittedly, I'm going to want to watch through my fingers.

The home team has won every game. If the Blues' continue that trend, they win the series. The thing is, their commanding play in games one and two, as well as a good effort in game three, were nowhere to be found on Monday night. The Blues packed their momentum in their luggage, and it was already at the airport.

Tonight? I'm not going to make predictions on the line-up, or on how they're going to play, or anything like that - that's your job. I'll be back later with a preview after today's Lighting the Lamp, and of course the GDT and the recap (hopefully a happy one) will be going up later. I'll be proctoring an AP exam this morning, so the predictions are all yours. Enjoy.