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A Blues Fan Rant: An Annual(ish) Tradition

Special thanks to Game Time contributor Artie Clark for this post, which was just a smiiiidge too short for tonight's paper. Everything contained within is all his. Oh, and Battle of Cali? Here're some for your f-bomb count.

Harry How

SHIT. DAMNIT. SON-OF-A-BITCH. MOTHER-FUCKER. The Blues got outworked, outchecked, outsmarted, outplayed, and punched in the motherfucking mouth. We were dazed, confused, running, gunning, blue-line pinching, dick holding, penalty taking, reaching, grabbing, dick holding, Cracknell missing, tired backchecking motherfuckers. Hallelujah. HOLY SHIT! Where’s the Tylenol?

Okay, I feel better now. I got that out of my system. Now, let's join the Blues in erasing all memory of that West Coast trip and proceed with getting back to business. Our mission now, is to win 2 more hockey games against these motherfuckers. The Blues could have won Game 3, or they could have won Game 4 and made tonight’s game one helluva rocking good time. But people, this is the St. Louis Blues we are talking about. They never do things the easy way. They will take this bitch right down to the wire. We all know that thing is going 7 games, with the deciding game right back here on Monday night.

So instead of staying pissed off, let’s support our boys in blue and get these guys back on track. Anyone else inspired by Jaden Schwartz as he fights for pucks in the corners, spins away from defenders and gets pucks to the net? This kid is on the cusp of scoring a huge-ass goal, mark my words. Also, how about Teej finally scoring his first two NHL playoff goals? Minus the turnover in our zone, of course. Hopefully, the power play can pump in a few more tallies and set the tone early.

Oh, and thanks for the Tarasenko experiment Hitch, but it was painfully obvious that you had zero confidence in Frank Monday night. So I fully expect Hitch to RELEASE THE CRACKNELL and re-connect the CPR life line. One thing I noticed in the 2nd and 3rd period last game was how tired the Blues looked. Being able to send out fresh bodies, and roll the same four lines, again and again, is such a big advantage when playing even strength hockey. I fully expect to see Hitch run our previous four lines back on the ice for tonight’s contest.

Stay positive Blues fans, we still get two more at Scottrade Center. Remember the month of April when the Blues worked their asses off to secure home ice advantage? Well this is why. So let’s treat these motherfuckers to some St. Louis style home ice hospitality. So if your walking in to Scottrade tonight, make sure your walking in with you’re ‘A’ game. Not your, Oh Shit, I hope the Blues don’t fuck this up, game. I’m talking about your ‘OH MY GOD, ALEXANDER STEEN JUST SCORED IN OVERTIME’ game. Are we clear?

Cue the Warble: :LET’S GO BLUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!