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LA Kings at St. Louis Blues Game 5 Recap

Panic buttons? Shitting the Bed? And the good old F-word. These are all great adjectives that explain the St. Louis Blues right now.

Pretty much sums it up.
Pretty much sums it up.
Dilip Vishwanat

Tonight was a pivotal game for the St. Louis Blues. They HAD to win. Even that seems like some sort of an understatement. They had to show up for this game and play an entire 60 minutes and dominate in our building, which they have done this entire series. Instead The Blues got played.

This series is a prime example of what the Blues achillies heals have been all year. Playing catch up, bad turn overs and puck management, and of course a lack of offensive force. The team failed to play a full 60 mins. They failed to give their goalie a lead. Moose was stepping up through out the game per usual, his faulter was in OT with the bad game winner. But this loss was on the team not the goaltender.

Insurance goals, Strong physical play, and PASSION are what win series. Not lack luster play with no heart. We are in desperation mode now. Something possibly needs to be shook up in the offense, what that is I have no idea. Hitch is smarter then I when it comes to that, but what they are doing now has to have him and all of St. Louis BRIMMING for blood.

Start preying to the hockey gods and offering up your first born guys because we are done if we play one more game like that.

With that I am starting an open letter to the blues players, because as a fan I AM PISSED THE F OFF. Vent your thoughts, Cry, break shit, get it all out Blues fans.