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Tuesday Links - Offer Sheet Me, You Jerks!

Doug Armstrong fires a warning to all sheet-offerers. Nashville might've overpaid to lock in a young defenseman, this time intentionally. AHL officials are incompetent. And Tebow, but why? Choose your destiny.

Not overpaid, but possibly over-termed.
Not overpaid, but possibly over-termed.

Yesterday, I broke a rule about swearing in headlines. I know, you're shocked, right? But it won't happen again, I promise. I'll just swear a whole shit-ton IN the posts. That'll make up for it in kind, I'm sure.

Click some links!


  • This COULD be filed under "No Shit" . . . but according to JR, Doug Armstrong will match ANY offer sheet signed by Alex Pietrangelo, Kevin Shattenkirk, Chris Stewart and Patrik Berglund. [StL Today]
  • The Predators signed Roman Josi to a 7-year deal worth $28MM total. Average of $4MM is reasonable, but 7 years? Yikes. I dunno about this one. [On The Forecheck]
  • A couple huge fuck-ups at the end of the second period of Game 2 of the Calder Cup Finals. Being that the Grand Rapids Griffins were involved, it allows me to sneak in a "Fuck Detroit". [Puck Daddy]
  • Five headlines to watch for the Bruins/Blackhawks series. WAIT, YOU MEAN THEY'RE BOTH FROM THE ORIGINAL SIX? YOU'RE KIDDING, RIGHT?! [TSN]
  • Two years ago, Tim Tebow led my Denver Broncos to a playoff victory. Now he's fighting for a third-string QB gig in New England. And people care. Yay. [CBS Sports/Eye On Football]
  • My high school graduating class of around 100 had two sets of twins. This class at a smaller school in the Chicagoland area has TWENTY-FOUR sets of twins. Jeebus. [Y! / AP]
  • Kate wants you to know what her stepfather looks like, so here he is, tending to some horses. He took part in a two-day western wagon train event that went from Liberal, MO to Fort Scott, KS. He's good people. [Morning Sun]

First, Kate passes along this fucking hilarious ditty about Kanye West's Self-Help Book from Rich Hall:

Rich Hall - Kanye West's Self-Help Book (via Herpitor)

And lostinthecrowd passes along this video of a kitty who looks like he just offed himself, set to a rather popular AWOL Nation song:

Cat Jump Fail with Music: Sail by AWOLNATION (via Veronica Duff)

Poor kitty.

And please, don't let your cat jump off your window ledge. Unless you're on the first floor or something. Then it's okay.