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Friday Links - Sad Trombone For Prospects

Horrible news out of Norway about one NHL prospect and just as bad of news in Latvia on a teammate. Marian Hossa's neighbor is my hero. Malkin gon' get PAID. And Star Wars gets a better ending. It's Friday, fool.


I hate sad stories, but you're gonna read one anyway.


  • No, the sad story isn't HERE.


  • It's here. Just AWFUL news about Stars prospect Scott Winkler and Oilers prospect Kristians Pelss. Winkler was found dead at his mother's home in Norway, Pelss is missing and feared dead after jumping off a bridge in Latvia. [The Sporting News]
  • I owe Marian Hossa's neighbor a beer or six . . . he was drilling early the morning after Hossa finished up with a 3OT game. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Ray Shero: "Hey, Geno, want some money?" Evgeni Malkin: "Sure." Shero: "Good, here's a shit-ton of it. You're not getting traded. Enjoy, fuckface!" [Penguins]
  • A remnant of that time the Predators "went for it", Andrei Kostitsyn, is staying in the KHL. Probably so he can get drunk without being told it's wrong to do so. Or. Something. [Traktor Chelyabinsk]
  • Nathan Horton can blame Jarome Iginla for his shoulder problems, but this didn't happen LAST series. [Puck Daddy]


  • Meet "America's First Baseman", Paul Goldschmidt. What a ham. [Y! Sports]
  • Someone should smack the living Christ out of this guy. [Y! / The Sideshow]


Kahokamo says this is how Star Wars should have ended . . . with Harmonica Bayou. I'm not ABOUT to say he's wrong about this.

Darth Vader Harmonica Bayou (via ElCh3aPo)

The Dark Side gets the blues too.