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Saturday Links - Jake The Vote

Jake Allen is up against Pavel Datsyuk, and Fuck Detroit. David Backes got Lady Byng votes because NHL award voters are fucking morons. And everything you need to know about the hotness of the players in the Stanley Cup Finals. Click on, bro.

"Please don't let me lose to Datsyuk. Please. Assholes."
"Please don't let me lose to Datsyuk. Please. Assholes."
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Why hello, Saturday.


  • Jake Allen's awesome paddle save on T.J. Brodie is up against yet another pretty Pavel Datsyuk goal. Don't let Datsyuk win. Vote for Jake now. #ProjectMayhem [Blues]
  • As you may have read last night, David Backes received two votes for the Lady Byng Trophy, given to the league's "Most Gentlemanly Player", because two of the NHL's voters are dumber than fucking dog shit. [SLGT]
  • In a story related to the previous one, the NHL announced all their award winners . . . at 5pm EDT on a Friday. Because the NHL is dumber than fucking dog shit too. Here are the winners. [SB Nation]
  • Via the SLGT Facebook Group and Cornfed . . . the team that was once the Peoria Rivermen is now the Utica Comets. Seems a bit further away from Vancouver than Chicago, eh? [The AHL]
  • Posted in the comments of yesterday's links by UIWWildthing . . . another new MISL team in St. Louis next season, called the Ambush. I say every indoor soccer team in St. Louis should be named the Steamers, but when the fuck did they ever ask for MMMMYYYYY opinion, right? [MISL / USL]
  • A 3D map of the entire universe? Yes, please. [Y! / The Sideshow]

Matt from St. Louis (a lurker) presents this Daily Grace video reviewing the hotties of the Stanley Cup Finals. And something about murder. Or. Something. Just watch.

HOCKEY HOTTIES (via dailygrace)

"They all look like they were going to murder me."

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