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Monday Links - He Who Shall Remain Nameless

I refuse to link a Blues-related column from a certain P-D columnist. GTGT this evening. Doc Emrick is fucking brilliant. Bras hang from a Milwaukee ceiling. And something about Hufflepuff. Click on.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

I completely forgot about Father's Day being yesterday . . . I usually forget this day for personal reasons (thanks, lung cancer, you prick), but that was a glaring oversight on my part. So happy belated Father's Day to all you papas out there in WestGameTimeOros or GameTimeLandia or whatever the fuck we're called.

Alright, sappy bullshit out of the way. Click some shit.


  • I seriously considered putting a certain Post-Dispatch columnist's piece about the Blues possibly making a big move this summer here, but: 1) "No Shit, Sherlock", and 2) it was J** S******. Yes, the dude pisses me off enough to where I don't even speak or type out his name. Way to go, jerktassel. Go find the link elsewhere, and avoid the comments section.
  • Our Prospects Department went over some kids that may be available at Spot #47, the Blues' first scheduled pick of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft. [SLGT]
  • Saint Louis Game Time Get-Together. SLGTGT. GTGT. Anyway, go to Cousin Hugo's in Maplewood tonight around 6:30pm. And be cautious of the dude drinking Stag. [SLGT Facebook Group]


  • Not everyone likes Doc Emrick. I do, a lot. Things like this from Harrison Mooney . . . illustrate why I love Emrick so much. [Puck Daddy]
  • The stupid fucking Phoenix Coyotes saga is STILL going on. But now, they're finally thinking about moving somewhere . . . Seattle. Just finally get this Goddamn thing over with, I don't care. [Puck Daddy]


  • A tavern in Milwaukee hangs a bunch of brassieres from their rafters. Apparently it was a fire hazard so they were taken down, but they're back up. Because America. [Y! / Reuters]
  • Pimp gotta have his money . . . so he went to the ATM. [Deadspin]


This video from lostinthecrowd is Harry Potter-themed but focuses WAY too much on one girl who can't understand what it means to be a "Hufflepuff".

Oh, and I think I finally figured out how to post videos on this thing properly. Only took me a couple weeks.