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Tuesday Links - GIF Parties For College Transfers

Daniel Paille cannot be stopped. My fellow U of Illinois fans freak out over a local product coming home. Sports radio morning hosts in Atlanta act like dicks and get shit-canned. And a wedding proposal of odd proportions. Gitcho click on.

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Harry How

I think I've finally figured out how to post videos on this Goddamn thing. I'm great with technology . . . except when I absolutely NEED to be, apparently.

Anyway, click some shit.




  • Daniel Paille is playing on a line with Tyler Seguin. Verily, Daniel Paille is playing well, because people named Tyler are awesome. The Bruins win 2-0 and now have a 2-1 series lead. Fuck Chicago. [Puck Daddy]
  • Kevin Allen also had words and interviews and such. [USA Today]
  • Logan Couture gon' get paid by the Sharks. Supposedly for five years. He's still ugly though (not that I'm an authority on such things.) [CSN Bay Area]


  • A man in Delaware sues a doctor for negligence because he had an eight-month erection due to the doctor's procedure. The judge was all like, "YOU SHOULD BE THANKIN' HIM AN' SHIT!" [Y! / Reuters]
  • Jimmy Hoffa might be in Michigan. SWERVE! [Detroit Free Press]
  • A cat from Oregon ended up two hours from my current dwelling . . . in Helena, the state capital of Montana. Cats are so silly sometimes. [Y! / AP]
  • An Atlanta sports radio morning show crew decide it's a good idea to pick on a former NFL player with ALS who can no longer speak, walk or eat on his own. Their bosses decide it's a good idea to fire them. I've decided it's a good idea if these fuckers rot in hell. Audio included. [Awful Announcing]
  • Wes Lunt, a native of the Springfield, IL area (Rochester, to be exact) and a supreme football stud who had been at Oklahoma State, decides to transfer to the University of Illinois. The crew at The Champaign Room (myself included) throw him a bit of a GIF party in the comments. It's kinda big news considering how much Illinois BLOWS at football year after year. [The Champaign Room]


Another from lostinthecrowd . . . this time, it's a wedding proposal made up of nothing but memes. Not bad, except for the music (sorry, Christina Perri is just annoying to me).

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And don't get an eight-month erection. Please.