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Sunday Links - Crystal Meth Didn't Come From JeffCo

Two Conference Finals Game Ones are in the books, it turns out crystal methamphetamine is not originally from JeffCo (but its' origin may shock you) and quite possibly the worst workout video you'll ever see. Sunday links!

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Well gosh, this isn't incriminating evidence or anything.
Well gosh, this isn't incriminating evidence or anything.
Jamie Sabau

One of the reasons why I won't be doing weekend links too often? The possibility that they'll be done after working on a Saturday night, when I get home usually between 3:30 and 4am Mountain Time. Sleep when you die, motherfucker.



  • If you're jonesin' for a hockey fix come mid-July, Paperwork Ninja has you covered . . . the Jr. Blues tryout camp is coming July 12th thru 16th. As PN says, "All the practice games are fun to watch." [Jr. Blues/Pointstreak]
(St. Louis) BLUES NEWS:
  • (Please disperse, nothing to see here.)
  • Matt Cooke is a dumbass. He will likely get suspended for this hit, and he should be. [CBS Sports]
  • Brad Marchand is also a dumbass. He SHOULD be suspended but probably won't be for this hit. [@HDHockeyVideos]
  • Sean Leahy's Three Stars. Amazingly, the guy who shut out his opponent in net was the top star. AMAZINGLY! (actually, it's not all that amazing.) [Puck Daddy]
  • Another one from Paperwork Ninja . . . the origins of crystal meth can be traced back to Nazi Germany. Because I suppose we couldn't hate these fuckers enough. [Spiegel]
  • People named Tyler are good Samaritans. Sometimes. [AP]


Another item from Paperwork Ninja. In his words: " . . . because no one asked for this shit to ever be put on Youtube, Prancercize!"

Yes, this is perhaps the shittiest workout video I have ever fucking seen.

Prancercise Highlights (via 3rdGorilla)

I have a video lined up for tomorrow, but don't let that stop you from sending me links, video and shit:

  • By email: gtdonutking AT gmail DOT com
And if I ever catch you Prancercising in my presence, I will probably bitch-slap you with a tire iron.