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Blues by the Numbers: Off-season and beyond...

"It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you."

Dilip Vishwanat

My apologies for being away during the remainder of the playoffs. I've been working on some hockey related projects for a couple of other sites that I think you might be interested in. I also want to share some other cool hockey related dataviz from the past couple of months. Some you might have already seen these, but they are worth pointing out again. So without further ado...

Player Usage Chart at

Remember the St. Louis Blues player usage chart I created for my very first post? Well the originator of that chart, Rob Vollman, asked me to make a full interactive version player usage chart for his site. You might find it handy as player trades or re-signings occur during the off-season.

McKeen's Hockey NHL Stats Explorer

Gus Katsaros from McKeen's Hockey had been following my work here at St. Louis Game Time and asked me to put together a visualization for a large set of hockey stats he had been compiling. It is similar to the mash up I posted here at the end of the season, but with more stats, more features, and filtering by date.

NHL Draft 2013: An Interactive Visualization of Drafts of Years Past via Stanley Cup of Chowder

Sarah Connors from Stanley Cup of Chowder put together a really excellent visualization showing the countries of origin for draft picks over time as well as where they played in the minor leagues. Go check it out! She is going to publish an updated version soon so watch for that.

Analyzing Prospect Usage via Broad Street Hockey

Technically this is not a dataviz. However, Eric over at Broad Street Hockey is one of a handful of authoritative voices in the realm of hockey statistical analysis. He recently published an article about prospect usage and actually used the St. Louis Blues as his example in the article. So go check it out. It isn't necessarily "beach reading" (unless you are a data geek like me) but if you are getting into hockey stats, his articles are a good place to start.

Zone Exit Tracking Project

Tyler posted this in the links today, but it is worth mentioning again. There is a well organized effort to recruit individuals interested in hockey stats to track zone exits for each team. I encourage any St. Louis Blues fans who are interested in getting more involved in hockey stats to consider volunteering. It will be worth your while.

I have a big project I'm currently working on that I am planning on publishing here in July. I think you'll have a lot of fun with it. (I'll give you a hint...I now have all the 2013 season play-by-play data from the NHL website.) Also, use the comments section below for any requests you might have for St. Louis Blues related hockey dataviz during the off-season. As long as I have access to the data, I'll try to put together whatever requests you might have.

Only 96 days till October!

PS: I drafted this article last night so I wasn't able to include this that just came out today. This is a huge development for the hockey stats community.