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Kevin Shattenkirk gon' get paiiiiiiiid, son. Jarmo is still the man. A Boston Bruins blog eulogizes their own. An important ruling from Wimbledon. And I'm totally gay for America. Links? We got that.


If it weren't for those two goals in seventeen seconds Monday night, last night would've been the last game of the hockey season. But NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Here's some linkage.


  • In case you didn't hear . . . KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN . . . is back. The Blues and Kevin Shattenkirk agree on a 4-year deal, and according to JR, it's worth $17MM. [SLGT; Blues; StL Today]


  • Former Blues scouting director and current Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen wants to know his players' offseason workout plans. Not to track them . . . but to use them himself. Because Jarmo fucking rules like that. [Columbus Dispatch / Blue Jackets Xtra]
  • Lots of Bruins news today . . . first, their Puck Daddy Eulogy, which was written by . . . Days Of Y'Orr, which is . . . yep . . . a Bruins blog. Nice. [Puck Daddy]
  • Then . . . it appears Andrew Ference won't be back with the Bruins ne,xt year. (sorry for linking Joe Haggerty, who I generally do not care for) [CSNNE]
  • The legend of Patrice Bergeron grows. It appears he also had a hole in his lung before Game 6. Gregory Campbell is impressed. [WEEI / Big Bad Blog]
  • How did Bruins fans cope with the whirlwind Game 6 loss? By looking at porn. A shitload of it. [CBS Sports Eye On Hockey]
  • If an NHL team wants to try to trade a guy so another team can use a buyout on him, so that the original club can sign him for less, the NHL will tell them to go fuck themselves (or, call it "circumvention", which it . . . ummmmm, is). Nice airtight CBA there, fucktards. [New York Post]


  • IMPORTANT WIMBLEDON NEWS: Wanna wear shoes that aren't all white? NO! Wanna wear undergarments that aren't all white? GO AHEAD! [Y! / Reuters]
  • A young Connecticut couple can't decide on a name for the son they're expecting. So they're letting patrons of a local coffee shop vote on it. Yeah, nothing can go wrong there. (I secretly hope it ends up being a girl, just to fuck things all up.) [Y! / AP]


Also from Kate . . . another one from The Whitest Kids U'Know . . . who are totally gay for America.


And join us later as Robb has some season-ending numbers from our boys.