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Friday Links - Kris Letang Is Taking Crazy Pills

Either Kris Letang is eating his own shit, or he wants out of Pittsburgh in the worst way. The Lightning(s) buy out their Captain. I finally get around to linking something about Aaron Hernandez. And a tribute to Kraftwerk. It's Friday, holmes.

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This guy has a bit of a rat face and is fucking insane.
This guy has a bit of a rat face and is fucking insane.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport


Or something.


  • Robb posted what he's up to regarding "fancy stats" this offseason. Check it out. [SLGT]


  • The "Eulogy" for the Chicago Blackhawks was written by Hockey Wilderness. At least it wasn't US this time. [Puck Daddy]
  • The biggest amnesty buyout thus far belongs to the Tampa Bay Lightning(s). They bought out their Captain, Vincent Lecavalier. [Lightning]
  • Kris Letang reportedly turned down an 8-year, $56MM contract extension offer from the Penguins, because either he's been taking crazy pills or he really wants the fuck out of Steel Town. [CBS Sports Eye On Hockey]
  • Just move the Coyotes to fucking Seattle already, will you? [Phoenix Business Journal]
  • The most Flames and Avalanche trade ever . . . where the team basically swap useless parts with each other, since that's about all they both have left. [Flames]
  • Fuck cancer. It claimed the life of long-time player agent Don Baizley. [Globe & Mail]
  • Mark Messier is leaving the Rangers to develop an ice center. Is he making it out of his tears? [Rangers]
  • A Czech team is leaving its' arena over a dispute regarding . . . beer. [Prague Post]


  • I don't know why I've been ignoring the Aaron Hernandez story, but it's quite intriguing. Here's all of SB Nation's main page updates on what is basically a modern OJ Simpson story. [SB Nation]
  • "Hmmmmm, let's see this bank robbery video . . . HOLY SHIT! MOOOOOOOOOOOM, I'M TELLING!" [Y! / AP]


Bill Bailey is bloody fucking awesome. Here he is, with a tribute to Kraftwerk. Funny shit here.

Don't tell me you won't be singing this all damn day now. It's impossible. I should know. I've tried to stop for a week now. You're welcome.