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Saturday Links - David Stern Is A Jerkface

The Flyers could be interested in JaroWater. Jarmo's old Finnish club is joining Europe's big league. Alfie is coming back. Fuck David Stern. And Doink is dead. Happy Goddamn Saturday.

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Like he WANTS to go anywhere . . . .
Like he WANTS to go anywhere . . . .
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

My schedule and my program is all messed up. Is it really Saturday?


  • Rumor has it that Jaroslav Halak is a possible target of the Flyers after they bought out Ilya Bryzgalov. JERRY WATER IN PHILLY . . . ? [SLGT]


  • You'll remember that Jarmo Kekalainen left the Blues to be GM of a Finnish League team named Jokerit Helsinki. Well, that team is joining the KHL in 2014, becoming the first Finnish team of the league. [IIHF]
  • Daniel Alfredsson? Retiring? "Fuck you," he said. Figuratively. [Silver Seven]
  • Justin Bourne has something on players' offseason workout habits. [The Score / Backhand Shelf]
  • Looking back at the 2003 NHL Draft, ten years ago (of course). David Backes was part of that draft, and that's all the fuck you need to know. [Globe & Mail]


  • Timothy Burke at Deadspin sends off David Stern with all the boos he can edit into this video while keeping the music. Remember, David Stern spawned Gary Bettman. So fuck the both of 'em. [Deadspin]
  • If you remember wrestler "Doink The Clown", brace yourself . . . he passed, at only 57, in Texas. [Uproxx / With Leather]


Selling cars in Newfoundland is difficult, basically because you can't understand Newfies half the time.

Lord tunderin', indeed.