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Monday Links - Bringin' Down The Arch

Ever wanted to know what the Gateway Arch would look like well after all of us are dead? Today's your lucky day!

A sparse episode. The first edition had shitloads of typos.


  • PSSSSSSHHHHH. Whatevs.
  • Chicago won again. Fuck them, Fuck their opponents. Fuck Detroit. Here's our pal Dominik's take. [SB Nation]
  • PD's Harrison Mooney had words about this game too. [Puck Daddy]
  • Matt Cooke and Brad Marchand . . . not exactly the brightest forks in the microwave. Still avoided suspension. Ugh. [Sporting News]
  • Wanna buy a morgue fridge? Well, today's your lucky day! [Y!/AP]
  • USA and Germany played a friendly soccer match, where seemingly every good German was sitting for the match. USA won 4-3. [SB Nation]
  • "Uhhhh, yeah, my car is burning . . . oh, right, I just pulled in front of the fire station . . . yes, I AM on fire, now what of it?" [ABC/AP]

Childhood Trauma lets us in on what could happen to the Gateway Arch "after the death of man".

Life After People: The Saint Louis Gateway Arch (via Chris Lizardo)

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