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New SLGT Summer Feature: The Mailbag!

Summertime sucks, especially if you're a Blues fan. To kill time while we're waiting on intermittent news, here's a chance for everyone to get involved.

Special delivery for Brad Doty.
Special delivery for Brad Doty.
Dilip Vishwanat

Hey, loyal Game Time readers? Do you have questions for those of us here at Game Time? Would you actually like those answered? Then you're in luck!

It's summer. There's no Blues hockey, and the team doesn't exactly have the reputation for being exciting off-season fodder. But hey, we have it. We have it in SPADES. Spades of reader e-mail, that is! If you have a question about the Blues, about what we think is going on or any analytical excitement that you'd like our opinion on, or just about us in general, please send an e-mail to stlouisgametime at gmail dot com. Every Friday there will be a mailbag post with our answers to your questions. If there's a question you'd like to post to the GT readership in general, well, ask that too.

The only rule is this: nothing too personal and nothing too inappropriate. You'll probably be able to tell if that line's been crossed if your email doesn't get published.

Ready? Aim... fire off some e-mails!