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Sunday Open Bar - Getting Outta Town

The lady and I worked late Saturday, then we're going to Glacier National Park today. I'll return Wednesday, but I have a few things for you to munch on until then. Also, don't forget . . . the NHL Draft is on today.

I, for one, would have NO problem with the Blues signing this guy.
I, for one, would have NO problem with the Blues signing this guy.

Hey all. Time to call your own shots again. Here's a few appetizers for you to munch on until Wednesday:

  • Jake Allen is on the NHL's All-Rookie Team. Well-deserved, young man. [SLGT]
  • The Bruins are supposedly putting Tyler Seguin on the trade market, and Nathan Horton will not return to the B's. Both could be Blues' targets, though it'll take a shitload to get Seguin. More speculation from TSN's insiders as well. [Twitter/Darren Dreger; Twitter/Bob McKenzie; TSN]
  • The Tour De France has returned, and there was a big crash. Oh, and cyclists ran into each other. #DopingJokes [Deadspin]
  • Bombs went off in Iraq. One of them was at a soccer stadium and killed five. 22 total dead among the blasts. [Deadspin]
  • And a video. Childhood Trauma with this one. A spot-on assessment of the NHL Lockout negotiations, using a two-four (Canadian for "case") of PBR.

Like we really need more excuses to drink, right?

See you all on Wednesday.

Brian will have information on Blues picks in today's NHL Entry Draft as it comes along, as well as an open thread. Join him!

Also, J-Mill may or may not have something in the next couple days.