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Blues, Blue Jackets In Talks About David Perron

Will the Blues' much-maligned forward be a Blue Jacket by the end of the day?

Dilip Vishwanat

Let's face it: David Perron did not have the best season of his career this year. He had ten goals and fifteen assists in 48 games, and yet still managed an impressive 44 penalty minutes during that time. During the playoffs he was best known for "trying to get into Jonathan Quick's head," which accomplished somewhere between jack and shit.

It felt like at least once a game, the Game Time game day thread would erupt with a string of "Goddamn it, Frenchie," posts, as Perron would take an offensive zone, unnecessary penalty. What happened to Mr. Dangles? Were these penalties out of frustration, or just not paying attention? Could a change of scenery help?

The change most fans wanted was from the ice to the pressbox, but perhaps a total change of locale would do Perron some good. That seems to be the point of view taken by current Blue Jackets general manager and former Blues draft guru Jarmo Kekalainen has. Kekalainen drafted Perron 26th overall in 2007, and generally the late round draft pick has paid off until this season. Columbus is building a good offensive core, and could use someone like Perron on their way to the Eastern Conference next year.

What do the Blues get out of this? Probably one of the Jackets' three first round picks. Columbus picks at 14th, 19th, and 27th; none of those picks would probably start in the NHL this year. So, what we would have would be a trade of a former late-first round draft pick for a current first round draft pick that the team needs to wait on. Should the Blues give up one of their offensive cogs for a wait and see guy? It depends: if the Blues can acquire free agent Vincent Lacavalier, then sure. They've been talking to him at the draft, and boy could the Blues use a legit center for a season or two.

Perron has been in my doghouse as well, and I'm not high on trading Halak; if trading the two happens, I would hope that they'd be packaged together for someone who provide some offensive punch.